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Building Decision Making Resilience Now and for the Future - Asia Pacific

Finance and Operations teams are playing a critical role for businesses in the ongoing pandemic: delivering decision-making support in the face of unprecedented disruption. However, providing frequent forecasts and preparing the many different scenarios that the business expect is taxing many finance and operation teams’ processes, systems and data.

Join us for this virtual discussion as Stuart Harman Partner of Oliver Wight Asia Pacific and our very own Chris Hannan discuss the challenges unprecedented events may bring and the opportunities it presents for us to review what's important now for the organisation and how do you put those plans into action for mid-term and long term. We’ll share some learnings on topics critical for your planning including;

• Incorporating 'what-if' simulation and scenario analysis
• Improving Cashflow analysis
• Revisiting or setting key business drivers
• Providing greater self-service around management packs / Board packs to ease the burden

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